Creating a multilingual app

When you live in Switzerland, there is one requirement every software must meet: support for multilingual. The good news is that even though PowerApps currently don’t offer support out-of-the-box for multilingual, you can still achieve this.

Basically the approach is as follows:

  • Produce an Excel file with translations
  • Upload it to an Azure Blob Storage or OneDrive and create a data source for it

Now on application start-up (e.g. when it becomes visible)

  • Read the tabular content into a context variable
  • Detect the user’s language and store it in another context variable
  • Update all text properties of all the labels that require a multilingual caption and add a formula that would look up the label’s text from the Excel with translations (look up uses the user’s language stored in the context variable

A detailed documentation of how to do this can be found here.

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